Luxury Real Estate 

A cross-platform experience for home buyers, sellers and their agents. From discovering the perfect home to navigating the complex real estate market, the concept provides a collaborative space for consumers and agents to organize, collaborate and share information throughout the home-buying journey. 


A mobile experience designed to make the job search more human. The concept helps job seekers identify the right opportunity based on what's most important to them in their next career move. A feed of personalized job opportunities offers details and insights beyond what's offered in traditional job descriptions. 

job search.png

Inventory Management

A re-design of a logistics, shipping and warehousing portal. The customer dashboard allows users to easily track inventory and schedule shipments from warehouses located around the United States. 

Big Data Analysis

A big data analytics platform designed for discovery and exploration. The minimal design is content focused and encourages users to dive deeper into the information in front of them using the visual query builder. 

Video Broadcast

An internal tool designed and built to stream live and on-demand video of user research sessions remotely to clients around the world. We created our own streaming architecture and an interface to allow user researchers to easily manage projects, upload video, and communicate with clients about research sessions. 


A re-design of a medical imaging application addressing major usability pain points and improving the visual look and feel. The design focused on portions of the UI that would have the greatest impact on the product with the least impact on the development timeline.