Role / Lead Designer, UX Researcher
Platform / Desktop, tablet and mobile web
Activities / User Flows, Wireframing, Prototyping, Usability Testing
Tools / Sketch, Axure,

Project Goal

Re-design our existing job search experience to increase subscriber engagement with jobs.



We started by evaluating our existing desktop experience with an initial round of usability testing. The goal of the research was to identify things that were working well and areas that needed improvement. We focused on overall usability and how the experience compared to other job boards that they use. Key task flows included: searching, customizing a resume, and creating a cover letter.We ran 10 remote user testing sessions and presented the findings and design implications to the product team.



In addition to surfacing usability issues, we learned that users simply didn’t have enough confidence in our job search to stick around regardless of the features we offered. They weren’t satisfied with the relevancy of the results and didn’t have enough filtering capabilities to refine their search. This became a major focus of the re-design.

iPad Pro Copy 21.jpg
iPad Pro Copy 20.jpg

Existing Experience

The scope of this project limited us from re-designing several existing widgets and had no control over the application process once users left to apply. 

iPad Pro Copy 18.jpg
iPad Pro Copy 17.jpg
iPad Pro Copy 19.jpg

Design Process


A large focus of the project was improving the desktop experience but we were also creating an entirely new experience for mobile and tablet. Mobile constraints forced us to modify existing flows to account for users that didn't have access to their resumes from their phone. 

We mapped out separate user flows to visualize the desktop, mobile and tablet experiences for both free and subscribed users.



Mobile & Tablet


Final DesigN

Responsive Jobs 6.jpg
Responsive Jobs 6 Copy.jpg
Responsive Jobs 6 Copy 3.jpg
Responsive Jobs 6 Copy 5.jpg
Responsive Jobs 6 Copy 4.jpg
Responsive Jobs 6 Copy 6.jpg
Responsive Jobs 6 Copy 8.jpg
Responsive Jobs 6 Copy 7.jpg

InteractioN SpecS

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 9.20.36 AM.png


This project has been rolled out in a phased approach and some elements are still currently in development. To date, we had increased overall engagement with our job apply tools by 320% and increased the total number of job applications by 200%. 

Increased engagement with our job apply tools by 320%

Increased engagement with our job apply tools by 320%

Increased total number of job applies by 200%.

Increased total number of job applies by 200%.