Role / Interaction Designer, Visual Designer, UX Researcher
Platform / Mobile Web
Activities / Wireframing, User Flows, Prototyping, Usability Testing, Visual Design
Tools / Sketch, Axure,

Project Goal

Monetize mobile traffic by creating a mobile optimized web experience 

Initial Research

Stakeholder WorkshopS

We began by holding a collaborative workshop where we worked with a cross-functional set of stakeholders to better understand the strengths, weaknesses and potential opportunities of our existing desktop experience. I moderated an exercise where we had each team member go through the entire product flow from landing page to purchase. Throughout the process, we gathered feedback on pain points and brainstormed about the impact it might have on mobile. 



We reviewed previous research that had been conducted on the desktop product. This was primarily qualitative feedback that had been collected from in person user interviews leading up to the beginning of it's re-design. 



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Design Process

Existing DESKTOP Experience

Responsive Jobs 3.jpg
mobile builder.jpg
Responsive Jobs 2.jpg




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I conducted 3 rounds of usability testing over the course of the project. I was responsible for building and updating a medium fidelity prototype that was used for the first two rounds testing.


Round 1

In the first round, I recruited participants via craigslist and conducted 60 minute in-person sessions. Participants interacted with the first iteration of the prototype and were tasked with building a resume from scratch. The objectives of the test were to validate our overall design direction early and identify opportunities to streamline task flows.


Round 2

In the second round, I recruited participants remotely and conducted unmoderated sessions via This time, there was a stronger focus on usability and the detailed interactions within each task flow.


Round 3

In the 3rd round, we were now able to have participants interact with the initial development build of the new web experience. Again, the focus of the testing was identifying usability issues, development bugs, and show stoppers prior to beginning live testing with real traffic. 


What We Learned

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Final DesigN

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